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Roads of the Future: What They Will Look Like

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Futuristic concepts hardly differ from each other. At first sight.

Is there any other mystery in the way the transport of the future will look like? It seems that almost all players of this market have already decided for themselves how it will look like – this can be judged by the numerous visionary presentations published by major transport manufacturers and promising newcomers of the sector. The common features in them are shifting away from the concept of personal transport and a wide introduction of various sharing models, the use of electric motors and the orientation towards environmental friendliness, the spread of artificial intelligence in management and digitization of all processes in the transport infrastructure – from travel fare to freight haulage logistics.

However, with such a significant similarity, there are also serious differences between the approaches, which ultimately can play a pivotal role.

Exit from the plane

There will be no more free space on the roads, and very soon. Everyone understands it, and one of the ways that are offered in futuristic concepts is the transfer of traffic outside of city streets. The place is available in two directions: up and down, and the technical capabilities of mankind are such that mastering any of these directions does not seem fantastic any longer.

Flying taxis, courier drones, light aviation – this is one of the main cinematographic clichés about the future, and today it ceases to be just a cliché. Airbus, Uber and many other companies are actively developing this trend. For example, Ilon Mask’s Boring Company is digging down. Their idea is to make the technology of building underground roads as simple and cheap as the technology of building conventional roads. Time will tell, which of the options is more viable. It may well turn up that the transport infrastructure will begin to grow in all directions at once, and “mole”- companies will not compete with “bird”- companies.

Size matters

A personal car is comfortable, but inefficient. Public transport is efficient, but not comfortable. Buses and trains win in terms of sustainable development, but you will not reach your home door and you will not go to a picnic by bus. The problem of choosing the future transport format is still relevant, and new, unusual form factors may appear.

For example, the boom of electric cars and the development of the sharing system increase the chances of future survival of the car-format personal transport. In addition, there also appear “ultra-small” vehicles designed to solve the “last mile” problem – for example, electric scooters. Although, such novelties are often perceived negatively, they can evolve from amusing toys into a real alternative to the conventional urban modes of transport with the development of technology.

A large format is represented mainly by public transport. All kinds of PRT systems, magnetic-levitation trains and other modes of transport for the transportation of a large number of people are being built around the entire world; they are developing in countries with rapidly growing population especially actively. For example, the Chinese transport giant CRRC has recently presented a lightweight, energy efficient version of the rolling stock, and the French company Alstom has launched the world’s first hydrogen fuel train for operation in Germany.

Everything and at once

Today some companies offer entire transport systems as a concept for the future – for example, the Urbanetic from the company Mercedes is among them. The German auto group has recently and rather shyly offered its vision of transport, which includes all the trends: automatic control, electric power supply, sharing and much more.

The peculiarity of the Mercedes approach is customized vehicles, which can be both passenger and cargo types. The company proposes to apply plug-in modules on electric carts (pods), which will move around the city under AI control. There are also more comprehensive approaches from young companies that hope not to find a niche in the existing market, but to create their own new market.

One of such companies is SkyWay Technologies Co. from Belarus. SkyWay offers to create a completely new transport system that will be more efficient, eco-friendly and less costly than existing motor-roads and railways. SkyWay tracks are strong and lightweight overpasses capable to withstand both a significant weight of freight transport and high loads from the movement of high-speed transport.

To date, the company has moved up far enough in its work. Unlike Mercedes, which do not yet call their vision a concept, SkyWay Technologies Co. has already three tested and certified vehicles, a proven infrastructure and potential customers from the countries friendly to high-tech.

SkyWay Technologies Co. has recently presented another most important element of its transport concept. At the exhibition InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin, a high-speed SkyWay transport was presented to the public, which, according to the developers, is capable of speeding up to 500 kilometers per hour.

The novelty is a six-seat high-speed transport module, which has unique aerodynamic features close to the theoretical limit: its aerodynamic resistance factor is Cx = 0.06. The design speed is 500 km/h with the energy consumption of 0.93 kg/100 passengers × km in fuel equivalent. At 100 km/h speed, this consumption rate is less than 0.1 kg/100 passengers × km.

These figures will be a record for a minor high-speed wheeled vehicle. In combination with urban and commercial cargo vehicles, the high-speed transport will create an integrated system that would be able to replace existing modes of transport.

SkyWay Technologies Co. plans to add forevacuum transport to its model lineup in the future. This technology is still quite difficult to implement, but eventually SkyWay will be able to use it efficiently and safely raising travel speed up to 1,000 kilometers per hour or more.

Source: SkyWay ©

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the History from september 2015 to 26 June 2018 / HISTORIA e EcoTechnoPark nga shtatori 2015 ne 26 Qershor 2018


the full HISTORY of SKYWAY EcoTechnoPark – CHRONICLE          click on link to see more …

15 September 2015

Использование этого материала сайта группы компаний SkyWay в Интернет-пространстве допускается только при обязательном размещении ссылки на источник публикации:

EcoTechnoPark: reinforcement of anchor support foundation The photos show the process of reinforcing the foundation of the anchor support. Right from here the SkyWay high-speed track will take its start.

´`   ´`   ´`   ´`   ´`   ´`   ´`   ´`   ´`   ´`   ´`   ————– >

26 Junе 2018

Unibike, Unibus, Unitruck… Examining New Word – “Unicar”! Running tests with #SkyWay #unicar continue on the urban/high-speed route at EcoTechnoPark

About Company

We create a fundamentally new transport system, which is eco-friendly, safe, comfortable and significantly cheaper compared to all existing solutions. Having passed a range of international expert evaluations, the innovative SkyWay string system has proved its validity. At present, our main aim is to create an operating model of SkyWay technology – EcoTechnoPark. EcoTechnoPark will become a starting point to transfer SkyWay string transport from the category of a “theoretically developed project” to the category of a “well-selling product”. Personal website: Ask a question: Anatoly Yunitskiy, President of SkyWay Group of Companies


Использование этого материала сайта группы компаний SkyWay в Интернет-пространстве допускается только при обязательном размещении ссылки на источник публикации:




A lot of men in business suits use the services of the Berlin underground to get to the xhibition InnoTrans 2018 in Messe, Berlin. In the hours before the opening it is not possible to get on the train. So in practice, the trend is sounded at the opening ceremony to a mass transition to the use of public transport and the abandonment of personal cars. These people are engineers, marketers, designers in the field of transport from around the world. They came to share their vision of the future and get to know how others represent it. Giants like Siemens, Hitachi and Alstom, demonstrate the best of what they have created, and look at the innovations of the competitors. Today it is not just about trains and railways anymore. Everyone here aspires to offer the widest possible range of services, including management systems, data collection and analysis, various additional accounting, control and optimization services, as well as services that solve the problem of the last mile, and much more. They are speaking about intermodality, digitization, automatization and customer-oriented approach. These concepts set the real vector of development of the industry, finding its skeleton and flesh in the expositions presented at InnoTrans companies. General trends, achieved results and perspective directions – the topic of this publication.

The exhibition is very big, so it will not be possible to see it well in a day or two. We have started with a street exposition where existing samples of top-end trains and wagons are installed on rails, as well as pavilion stands of the giants of the industry. The overall impression of what was seen on the street is the development and improvement in every detail of the car and the wagon, the integration of everything that can only be integrated from modern technologies into anything that can only move along the rails.



All or almost all passenger carriages and trains presented at the exhibition have a low floor to facilitate passenger landing, including people with limited mobility.

Despite the almost 30-degree heat outside, inside is cool, thanks to modern air conditioning systems. Transport is equipped with surveillance cameras, there is a socket for connecting a laptop or smartphone, a usb-connector and various systems for informing the passenger about the most important parameters of travel.

In most of the trains there is wi-fi, there are baby changing tables, special areas for wheelchairs, etc.


The baby changing table in the toilet is a necessary thing, which increases the mobility of young mothers, usually somewhat limited in this sense.


In Europe is given a great attention to a bike riding. According to many experts, this transport is a big part of the future and gives great opportunities for solving many problems. Popularity is acquired by hybrid bicycles with an electric motor. For them, the charging stations will be offered on trains.

In addition, almost everywhere you can hear or read about increased energy efficiency, reduced weight and noise, modularity and flexibility of the layout. Manufacturers of transport do everything to make the passenger feel comfortable.

Exhibition InnoTrans 2018, proves that the digitalization of transport – not an intention, but a fact, a direction in which a lot of work has been done. Systems for calculating the parameters of optimization of transport systems, financial management, collection, processing and analysis of large amounts of data, algorithms for situational adaptation of systems – all of this has already been implemented in existing systems.

Transport manufacturers try to take into account every detail: if you live near the station and it is convenient to get on a bicycle – then we do a special section for a pedal transport in the wagon; if the destination is far from the point of arrival of the train – we offer you a special electric vehicle that you can rent out at the station and it will take you where you want it. Even more: if you love rock and not pop music – we will take this into account so that in your mobile device connected to our wi-fi, you are offered only what you like – like in a cafe where the barman has known you for a long time and in course of all the preferences of his client.


Work with Big Data is delivered to Siemens in a wide way. To our question about whether they represent the concept or the operating system, we were told that the exhibition shows a 100% working version

With Big Data work all major players. Everyone will have his own proposal, which amounts to the fact that if you buy, for example, a system from Siemens, then you can buy all the other stuff immediately from the same manufacturer. Logic is a transport service from A to Z, maintenance and comfort for the client from the point of departure to the point of arrival.


A mobile application that bring all types of public transport to a single system.


Autonomous electric vehicle from Siemens, as a variant of transport “from station to station”.


The bike scoring system to solve the problem of the last mile is presented by Siemens.

The interest of corporations in providing the widest possible range of services is understandable. They will enter the market with a large and interconnected set of products, from rolling stock to adaptive logistics systems, capable of changing the schedule and traffic intensity in situ, depending on the load of the line. Such systems will allow the passenger to orient himself in the situation as much as possible, up to informing about the preferred place on the platform taking into account the congestion of the cars, and the location along the way of points of interest (shops, cafes, cultural centers, etc.), in relation to the individual preferences of the transport user. However, it is obvious, including for the mainstream concern itself, that they must cooperate with each other and other mobility providers to improve the quality of transport services. This is also much talked about. The companies are principally open to interaction and are constantly searching for new solutions that are especially relevant given the active request for the means of a trans-communication collaboration – systems that can effectively fill the niches that arise in the process of a global integration. SkyWay can be referred to such systems at the initial stages of integration.



The vehicle shown on the InnoTrans 2018 is something fundamentally new in the world of the rail transport. It can accelerate up to 500 kilometers per hour, while using only 0.93 kilograms of fuel per passenger per 100 kilometers, which is unprecedentedly little. At a speed of 100 km / h this figure will be only 0,105 kg. This is achieved thanks to the high efficiency of the “steel wheel – steel rail” system, as well as the fact that the vehicle is moving along the trestle. Due to this, and also due to the unique form of the vehicle, the developers managed to achieve the Cx = 0.06, which is close to the theoretical limit. Management of high-speed SkyWay is fully automatic, due to which it is possible to provide a minimum safe interval of movement of 2 seconds. Performance at such parameters can exceed 200 thousand passengers a day. The fare due to high efficiency can be several times lower than on modern high-speed roads, not to mention airplanes.

Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus

The stand of SkyWay differs from everything that we have managed to see at the exhibition. While the others are busy optimizing various nodes of well-known vehicles, a fundamentally new solution is presented here. But, on the other hand, SkyWay preaches the same values as other exhibitors. Intermodality, digitalization, automatization and customer-oriented approach are prescribed in the philosophy of the string transport from the very beginning. SkyWay, like other companies, offers not just rolling stock or roads, but the whole range of services that allow to accompany the passenger from the point of departure to the point of arrival with a maximum comfort. In this respect, the technology looks even more preferable, since both the configuration of SkyWay systems allows us to approach the form of mobility that is both personal, affordable and environmentally friendly. Here the curse of infrastructural giants is falling, again and again making an attempt to make public transport, by definition suggesting some limitations of personal space, most comfortable for everyone. SkyWay can go the simplest way, offering personal transport at a public price.

The use of blockchain technologies, work with Big Data, the creation of automatic control systems for complexes with the ability to adapt the schedule for the volume of passenger traffic, innovative developments in infrastructure construction, the creation of additional services for people with mobility limitations, etc. demonstrate the systematic approach of SkyWay and are aimed at the processes of transformation of the local and global transport system in a full swing.



InnoTrans exhibition is gaining its momentum. Stands and pavilions are the environment for communication of professionals, the exchange of experience and the search for joint solutions. The SkyWay engineers get acquainted with colleagues from the world of large transport and they get acquainted with us. High-speed and other SkyWay solutions were noted and carefully studied by representatives of all major companies participating in InnoTrans. They highly appreciate the potential of the technology, noting that SkyWay has no analogues in terms of the breadth of areas of possible application, as well as the flexibility of the approach that is so important today. High-speed personal transit, urban public transport in communication systems between existing logistics nodes, communication with the suburbs, creation of channels for the transportation of passengers and cargo over water obstacles and in mountainous areas, port container transportations and much more. The communication is very active. The team of engineers and managers who arrived at the exhibition, led by general designer SkyWay Anatoly Yunitskiy, held dozens of meetings and negotiations. And, already traditionally, our exhibition site is among the most visited.

Global Transport Investments ©

Использование этого материала сайта группы компаний SkyWay в Интернет-пространстве допускается только при обязательном размещении ссылки на источник публикации:


REZULTATET te shpejta nga ECOFEST-2018

Albanian 🇦🇱 ====================== 👇🏾 (shkoni poshtë) ✅

Fundjavën e kaluar, EcoFest-2018 u mbajt – një ngjarje vjetore në të cilën mblidhen përkrahësit e transportit të vargut nga e gjithë bota. Në #EkoFest, zhvilluesi i transportit #SkyWay String Transport, CJSC “String Technologies”, raporton për punën e bërë për vitin dhe flet për planet për të ardhmen.

Ngjarja kryesore e EcoFest është fjalimi i projektuesit të përgjithshëm #AnatoliYunitsky. Këtë vit, ai tha se zhvillimi i projektit është duke hyrë në një fazë të re – një nga vendet më të përparuara teknologjike në botë – Emiratet e Bashkuara Arabe – ka ndarë tokën për testimin e transportit të vargut dhe zbatimin e saj të mëvonshëm. Anatoli Eduardovich vuri në dukje se në kushtet e zvarritjes me sigurimin e tokës për seksionin e testit të autostradës me shpejtësi të lartë në Bjellorusi, kompania u detyrua të kërkonte opsionet e tjera:

“Epo, meqenëse mali nuk dëshiron të shkojë tek Muhameti, Muhameti do të shkojë tek ajo”. Investitorët tanë nuk mund të presin me vite. Rreth gjashtë muaj më parë, fillova të kërkoj një mundësi për të ndërtuar një kompleks testimi me shpejtësi të lartë në një vend tjetër. Sot unë mund të emëroj këtë vend: është #Emiratet e Bashkuara Arabe. Ne kemi marrë mbështetjen nga qeveria e këtij vendi. ”

Anatoli Yunitsky ka theksuar se marrëdhëniet me Emiratet e Bashkuara Arabe kanë lëvizur tashmë në nivelin e zbatimit. Udhëheqja e vendit ka ndarë burimet e nevojshme për krijimin e vendeve të testimit, duke përfshirë edhe një projekt të ri – transportin e avionëve ” HyperYu “.

Ata tashmë kanë demonstruar se kanë nevojë për rrugët e Binareve . Ne kemi ndarë toka për gjithsej më shumë se 50 hektarë, për dy zona teknologjike të SkyWay – një vend 2,5 km i gjatë për komplekset urbane dhe të ngarkesave, duke përfshirë transportimin e kontejnerëve të detit që peshojnë deri në 35 ton, ku planifikojmë të marrim një shpejtësi prej 150 km / h, pjesa e dytë është 25 km e gjatë, ku kemi në plan të arrijmë shpejtësi deri në 600 km / h, me një rritje në gjatësinë e seksionit deri në 60 km, ku në të ardhmen do të ndërtojmë një tub pre-vakum #HyperYu dhe do të ketë një shpejtësi prej 1,250 km / h.

Sipas Anatoly Yunitsky, fillimi i ndërtimit në Emiratet e Bashkuara Arabe është planifikuar shumë shpejt:

Ne fillojmë ndërtimin në Emiratet në #Shtator. Gjithçka është gati për këtë. Këto janë projektet tona të para të synuara, të ashtuquajturat “projekte të lidhura” – prototipet e komplekseve të transportit-infrastrukturës për urdhrat e shtetit në ekzekutimin tropikal.

Gjithashtu Anatoli Yunitsky njoftoi zhvillimin e platformës së bllokut të kompanisë. Me ndihmën e saj është planifikuar të menaxhohen projektet e #transportit të vargut dhe mbështetja e zhvillimit të tyre:

Aktualisht, ne gjithashtu krijojmë një platformë rrënjësisht të re teknologjike bazuar në levizjen mbi toke. Kjo punë kryhet së bashku me partnerë nga Emiratet e Bashkuara Arabe. Në këtë platformë #botërore, do të ndërtohet një sistem i sigurt dhe i tolerancës për menaxhimin e të gjitha teknologjive SkyWay: Technoparket, projektet e synuara, mjetet lëvizëse, infrastrukturën dhe rrjetin mbarëbotëror të #Transnet. Gjithashtu, me ndihmën e platformës tonë #blockchain, ne do të fillojmë një monedhë të re te kriptuar.

Marrëdhëniet ndërmjet projektit SkyWay dhe disa prej mediave të Bjellorusisë nuk kanë funksionuar që nga fillimi. Artikujt shumë skeptikë dhe nganjëherë sinqerisht negative dalin me një periodicitet të caktuar, por për disa kohë publikimet e tilla kanë një ndikim të vogël në reputacionin e transportit të vargut – SkyWay provon vlerën e saj me praktike ne terren. Megjithatë, anashkalimi i kritikave nuk është në traditën e zhvilluesve të transportit të vargut, prandaj i ftojmë lexuesit tanë të lexojnë artikullin për EcoFest, i cili kohët e fundit u shfaq në portalin e lajmeve Belarusian

Në përgjithësi, artikulli ishte papritur pozitiv – gazetari nuk u bë i paarsyeshëm dhe nuk u mbështet nga faktet e reflektimit, por e përshkroi vetë festivalin, me mysafirët e shumtë ndërkombëtarë, një demonstrim të mjeteve lëvizëse dhe një qëndrim pozitiv. Natyrisht, për sqarimin e disa çështjeve teknike, do të ishte e vlefshme t’i drejtoheshin punonjësve të shumtë të kompanisë që iu përgjigjën të gjitha pyetjeve të vizitorëve: për shembull, transporti i vargut prej 150 km në orë nuk është i provueshem për shkak se vendi i testimit është tepër i shkurtër për këtë.

Sidoqoftë, kalimi i lirë për EcoFest-2019 ende nuk ka punuar: abonentët tanë po marrin informacionin se moderatorët e portalit në mënyrë aktive fshijnë komentet pozitive për SkyWay. Per cfare? Jo shumë e qartë.

Por çfarëdo që janë komentet e të huajve, për ne gjëja më e rëndësishme është emocione pozitive dhe besim në suksesin e partnerëve tanë. Mijëra fotografi të mysafirëve të lumtur të EcoFest-2018 në rrjetet sociale – kjo është prova më e mirë se festivali ishte i suksesshëm.

EcoFest është një ngjarje në shkallë të gjerë kushtuar teknologjisë së transportit të vargut. Këtë vit u pasua nga rreth 45 mijë njerëz – 5 mijë mysafirë vizituan EkoTehnoPark personalisht, më shumë se 40 mijë shikuan ngjarjen në internet. Gati 5 mijë spektatorë panë transmetimin e drejtpërdrejtë. Në territorin e terrenit demonstrues-testues të CJSC “String Technologies” ekzistojnë mostra të automjeteve, lloje të ndryshme të infrastrukturës së vargut dhe inovacione të tjera teknologjike që lidhen me zhvillimin e transportit të linjave SkyWay.

Detyra kryesore e EcoFest është të tregojë mundësitë e një lagjeje harmonike të teknologjisë dhe natyrës. SkyWay String Transport është krijuar si pjesë e një qasje inovative për trafikun e pasagjerëve dhe mallrave, bazuar në ekonomi, mirëdashësi mjedisore dhe efikasitet të lartë. Përdorimi i teknologjive të provuara në kombinim me zhvillimet inovative siguron transportin e SkyWay me një nivel të lartë të sigurisë dhe efikasitetit të energjisë. Në të njëjtën kohë, ndërtimi i telave mbetet i përballueshëm për shkak të konsumit të ulët të materialit dhe lehtësisë së strukturës.


** Trasmetimi i PLOTE mbi 7 Ore filmime.



Italiano 🇮🇹 ====================== 👇🏾 (andate giù ) ✅

Lo scorso fine settimana si è tenuto l’EcoFest-2018, un evento annuale in cui i sostenitori del trasporto di archi si riuniscono da tutto il mondo. A EkoFest, lo sviluppatore di SkyWay String Transport, CJSC “String Technologies”, riferisce del lavoro svolto per l’anno e parla dei piani per il futuro.

L’evento centrale di EcoFest è il discorso del designer generale Anatoly Yunitsky. Quest’anno, ha detto che lo sviluppo del progetto sta entrando in una nuova fase – uno dei paesi tecnologicamente più avanzati del mondo – gli Emirati Arabi Uniti – ha stanziato terreni per testare il trasporto di stringa e la sua successiva implementazione. Anatoly Eduardovich ha osservato che nelle condizioni di procrastinazione con la fornitura di terreni per la sezione di prova dell’autostrada ad alta velocità in Bielorussia, la compagnia è stata costretta a cercare le altre opzioni:

“Bene, dato che la montagna non vuole andare a Maometto, Maometto andrà alla montagna .” I nostri investitori non possono aspettare per anni. Circa sei mesi fa ho iniziato a cercare l’opportunità di costruire un complesso di test ad alta velocità in un altro paese. Oggi posso chiamare questo paese: sono gli #EmiratiArabi Uniti. Abbiamo ricevuto il sostegno dal #governo di questo paese “.

Anatoly Yunitsky ha sottolineato che le relazioni con gli EAU sono già passate al livello di implementazione. La leadership del paese ha stanziato le risorse necessarie per la creazione di siti di test, anche per un nuovo progetto – forvacuum transport “Hyper-Yu”.

Hanno già dimostrato di aver bisogno delle strade con le corde. Abbiamo assegnato terreni per un totale di oltre 50 ettari, per due siti tecnologici di SkyWay – un sito lungo 2,5 km per complessi urbani e merci, incluso il trasporto di container marittimi del peso di 35 tonnellate, in cui prevediamo di ricevere una velocità di 150 km / h, la seconda sezione è lunga 25 km, dove intendiamo raggiungere velocità fino a 600 km / h, con un aumento della lunghezza della sezione a 60 km, dove in futuro costruiremo un tubo di pre-vuoto HyperYu e otterrà una velocità di 1.250 km / h.

Secondo Anatoly Yunitsky, l’inizio della costruzione negli Emirati Arabi Uniti è pianificato molto presto:

Iniziamo la costruzione negli Emirati a settembre. Tutto è pronto per questo. Questi sono i nostri primi progetti mirati, i cosiddetti “progetti correlati” – prototipi di complessi infrastrutturali di trasporto per gli ordini di stato in esecuzione tropicale.

Anche Anatoly Yunitsky ha annunciato lo sviluppo della piattaforma a blocchi della compagnia. Con il suo aiuto si prevede di gestire i progetti di trasporto delle stringhe e supporto del loro sviluppo:

Al momento, creiamo inoltre una piattaforma tecnologica fondamentalmente nuova basata sulla blockchain. Questo lavoro è svolto in collaborazione con i partner degli Emirati Arabi Uniti. Su questa piattaforma su scala mondiale verrà costruito un sistema sicuro e fault-tolerant per la gestione di tutte le tecnologie SkyWay: Technoparks, progetti mirati, materiale rotabile, infrastruttura e la rete mondiale di Transnet. Inoltre, con l’aiuto della nostra piattaforma blockchain, lanceremo una nuova valuta crittografica.

Le relazioni tra il progetto SkyWay e alcuni media bielorussi non hanno funzionato bene sin dall’inizio. Gli articoli molto scettici, a volte francamente negativi, vengono pubblicati con una certa periodicità, ma da qualche tempo queste pubblicazioni hanno una leggera influenza sulla reputazione del trasporto delle stringhe: SkyWay dimostra il suo valore con le sue azioni. Tuttavia, saltare le critiche non è nella tradizione degli sviluppatori del trasporto di stringa, quindi invitiamo i nostri lettori a leggere l’articolo sull’EcoFest, che è recentemente apparso sul portale di notizie bielorusso

In generale, l’articolo è stato inaspettatamente positivo – il giornalista non è andato ingiustificato e non è stato supportato dai fatti di riflessione, ma piuttosto ha descritto il festival stesso, con i suoi numerosi ospiti internazionali, una dimostrazione del materiale rotabile e un atteggiamento positivo. Naturalmente, per chiarire alcune questioni tecniche, varrebbe la pena rivolgersi ai numerosi dipendenti della società che hanno risposto a tutte le domande dei visitatori: ad esempio, il trasporto di stringa di 150 km all’ora non è disperso perché il sito di test è troppo corto per questo.

Tuttavia, il pass gratuito per EcoFest-2019 non ha ancora funzionato:      i nostri abbonati ricevono le informazioni che i moderatori del portale eliminano attivamente i commenti positivi su SkyWay. Per che cosa? Non è molto chiaro.

Ma qualunque sia il commento degli estranei, per noi la cosa più importante sono le emozioni positive e la fiducia nel successo dei nostri partner. Migliaia di foto di ospiti felici di EcoFest-2018 nei social network: questa è la migliore prova del successo del festival.

#EcoFest è un evento su larga scala dedicato alla tecnologia del trasporto di stringa. Quest’anno sono seguite circa 45 mila persone – 5mila ospiti hanno visitato personalmente #EkoTehnoPark, più di 40mila hanno visto l’evento online. Quasi 5 mila spettatori hanno assistito alla trasmissione in diretta. Sul territorio del campo di prova dimostrativo di CJSC “String Technologies” sono presenti campioni operativi di veicoli, vari tipi di infrastruttura di stringa e altre innovazioni tecnologiche legate allo sviluppo del trasporto di stringhe SkyWay.

Il compito principale di EcoFest è dimostrare le possibilità di un quartiere armonioso di tecnologia e natura. SkyWay String Transport è stato creato come parte di un approccio innovativo al traffico passeggeri e merci, basato su economia, compatibilità ambientale ed alta efficienza. L’utilizzo di tecnologie comprovate in combinazione con sviluppi innovativi offre al trasporto di passate SkyWay un elevato livello di sicurezza ed efficienza energetica. Allo stesso tempo, la costruzione delle corde rimane accessibile grazie al basso consumo di materiale e alla leggerezza della struttura.

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Last weekend, the EcoFest-2018 was held – an annual event at which proponents of string transport gather from all over the world. At EkoFest, the #SkyWay String Transport developer, CJSC ” #StringTechnologies”, reports on the work done for the year and talks about plans for the future.

The central event of EcoFest is the speech of the general designer Anatoly Yunitsky. This year, he said that the development of the project is entering a new stage – one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world – the #UnitedArabEmirates – has allocated land for testing string transport and its subsequent implementation. Anatoly Eduardovich #Yunitsky noted that in the conditions of procrastination with the provision of land for the test section of the high-speed highway in Belarus, the company was forced to look for the other options:



“Well, since the mountain does not want to go to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to her.” Our investors can not wait for years. About six months ago I started looking for an opportunity to build a high-speed test complex in another country. Today I can name this country: it is the United Arab Emirates. We have received the support from the government of this country.”

Anatoly Yunitsky has stressed that relations with the #UAE have already moved to the level of implementation. The country’s leadership has allocated the necessary resources for the creation of test sites, including for a new project – forvacuum transport “Hyper-Yu.”



They have already demonstrated that they need the string roads. We have allocated land for a total of more than 50 hectares, for two technological sites of SkyWay – one site 2.5 km long for urban and cargo complexes, including for the transportation of the sea containers weighing up to 35 tons, where we plan to receive a speed of 150 km / h, the second section is 25 km long, where we plan to reach speeds of up to 600 km / h, with an increase in the length of the section to 60 km, where in the future we will build a HyperYu pre-vacuum pipe and will get a speed of 1,250 km / h.

According to Anatoly Yunitsky, the beginning of the construction in the UAE is planned very soon:

We begin construction in the Emirates in September. Everything is ready for this. These are our first targeted projects, the so-called “related projects” – prototypes of transport-infrastructure complexes for state orders in tropical execution.

Also Anatoly Yunitsky announced the development of the company’s block-platform. With its help it is planned to manage the projects of the string transport and support of their development:

At present, we additionally create a fundamentally new technological platform based on the blockchain. This work is carried out jointly with partners from the United Arab Emirates. On this world-scale platform, a safe and fault-tolerant system for managing all SkyWay technologies will be built: Technoparks, targeted projects, rolling stock, infrastructure and the world-wide network of Transnet. Also, with the help of our blockchain-platform, we will launch a new crypto currency.




Relations between the SkyWay project and some of the Belarusian media did not work out right from the start. Very skeptical, and sometimes frankly negative articles come out with a certain periodicity, but for some time now such publications have a little influence on the reputation of the string transport – SkyWay proves its worth by deed. Nevertheless, skipping criticism is not in the tradition of the developers of the string transport, so we invite our readers to read the article about the EcoFest, which has recently appeared on the Belarusian news portal

In general, the article was unexpectedly positive – the journalist did not go into unjustified and was not supported by the facts of reflection, but rather described the festival itself, with its numerous international guests, a demonstration of the rolling stock and a positive attitude. Of course, for clarification of some technical issues, it would be worthwhile to turn to the numerous employees of the company who answered all visitors’ questions: for example, the 150 km per hour string transport is not dispersed because the test site is too short for this.

However, the free pass for EcoFest-2019 has not yet worked out: our subscribers are receiving the information that the moderators of the portal actively delete positive comments about SkyWay. What for? Not very clear.

But whatever the comments of strangers are, for us the most important thing is positive emotions and confidence in the success of our partners. Thousands of photos of happy guests of EcoFest-2018 in social networks – this is the best proof that the festival was successful.

EcoFest is a large-scale event devoted to the technology of string transport. This year it was followed by about 45 thousand people – 5 thousand guests visited EkoTehnoPark personally, more than 40 thousand watched the event online. Nearly 5 thousand spectators watched the live broadcast. On the territory of the demonstration-testing ground of CJSC “String Technologies” there are operating samples of vehicles, various types of string infrastructure and other technological innovations related to the development of SkyWay string transport.

The main task of EcoFest is to demonstrate the possibilities of a harmonious neighborhood of technology and nature. SkyWay String Transport is created as part of an innovative approach to passenger and freight traffic, based on economy, environmental friendliness and high efficiency. The use of proven technologies in combination with innovative developments provides SkyWay string transport with a high level of safety and energy efficiency. At the same time, the construction of the strings remains affordable due to the low material consumption and lightness of the structure.


PHOTO REPORT OF EVENTY SWIG 2018. DAY 1 / Fotot e Eventi SWIG Dita 1


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We present to your attention a photo report on the first day of the EVENTY SWIG 2018.

See photos and recharge with our energy!

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#ECOFEST ONLINE / na ndiqni direkt nga Eco Techno Park – #Festival

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Lajme të mira për ata që nuk mund të vizitojnë Ecofest-2018 : Më 4 gusht, një transmetim i drejtpërdrejtë nga festivali do të organizohet në kanalin Youtube SkyWay. Shërbimi i informacionit i kompanisë do të përpiqet të tregojë sa më plotësisht të gjitha ngjarjet kryesore të kësaj dite në një mënyrë online. Lidhjet me transmetimin do të postohen në rrjetet sociale dhe në faqen e

E, nëse do të vizitoni Ecofest, shënoni foton dhe videon me hashtag #EcoFest2018 dhe ndani me miqtë tuaj përshtypjet e festivalit në të gjitha rrjetet shoqërore. Le të kujtojmë se mund të lidhni kartat SIM të operatorëve lokalë me paketat e trafikut në Internet pikërisht në vend – pikat e shitjeve qe do të punojnë në territorin e #EcoTechnoPark.


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Buone notizie per coloro che non possono visitare Ecofest-2018: il 4 agosto, una trasmissione dal vivo del festival sarà organizzata sul canale Youtube #SkyWay. Il servizio di informazione della Compagnia cercherà di mostrare nel modo più completo possibile tutti gli eventi principali di questo giorno in modalità online. I collegamenti alla trasmissione saranno pubblicati sui social network e sul sito

Bene, se stai per visitare #Ecofest , contrassegna la foto e il video con l’hashtag #EcoFest2018 e condividi con i tuoi amici le impressioni del festival su tutti i social network. Ricordiamo che è possibile connettere le SIM card degli operatori locali con i pacchetti di traffico Internet direttamente sul posto: i punti vendita funzioneranno nel territorio di EcoTechnoPark.

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Good news for those who can not visit Ecofest-2018: on August 4, a live broadcast from the festival will be organized on Youtube-channel SkyWay. The information service of the company will try to show as fully as possible all the main events of this day in an online mode. Links to the broadcast will be posted on social networks and on the site



Well, if you are going to visit Ecofest, mark the photo and video with a the hashtag #EcoFest2018 and share with your friends the impressions of the festival in all social networks. Let’s remind that you can connect SIM-cards of local operators with the Internet traffic packages right on the spot – the points of sales will work in the territory of EcoTechnoPark.


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